Yet one more Viewpoint on Pathways for Future Space Borne Mass-Change Measurements

Datum 10.05.2023
Zeit16:15 Uhr
Ort ExWi B6
Referent Prof. Srinivas Bettadpur (Univ. of Texas Austin)
Abstract This is an exciting time for space geodesy and (aerospace) engineering communities interested in space borne mass change measurements. The NASA/GFZ GRACE Follow-On mission continues to deliver new insights into the Earth system and to aid societal applications. The continuity of the record beyond GRACE-FO is assured through the Mass Change Project. NASA and ESA are cooperating on the path to the MAGIC gravity constellation that integrates the Mass Change and an ESA-led project. The community experience suggests that satellite laser-ranging to geodetic retro-reflecting satellites will have an important role to play, as will high-low tracking from LEO (either opportunistic or purpose-built) to GNSS satellites. And the quantum sensing techniques are also getting closer to practical implementation in space. This seminar will survey this landscape with particular emphasis on the student experience. How do the modern engineering skills fit in with this landscape and prepare the students for the future? What are some interesting open questions to be addressed with graduate research? How do we prepare the next generation of students to sustain the space geodesy community and take leadership within this community?