Solving difficult Problems using Quantum Technologies: Quantum Simulation and beyond

Datum 17.11.2021
Zeit16:15 Uhr
Ort Online
Referent Prof. Philipp Hauke (University of Trento)
Abstract We are currently witnessing what is called "the second quantum revolution", in the wake of which the control over individual quantum constituents has become possible. In this colloquium, I will highlight how this ability enables the engineering---from the bottom up---of quantum devices that promise to help in computing the dynamics of interesting quantum many-body systems. I will showcase the recent progress in the field using examples from quantum biology and subatomic physics. I will also briefly illustrate salient challenges and further promising near-term applications of quantum devices, such as solving questions about the dynamics of proteins. With these examples, I hope to give a glimpse at the current exciting progress and the fascinating future potential of quantum technologies.