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Additional Courses and Seminars

Advanced Optics II: From Interactions to Applications

Course description

The second part of this lecture series covers interactions of photons with atoms and molecules, with a particular attention to spectroscopy. The goal is double: to provide the basics of the electronic and vibrational spectroscopy of dia- and poly-atomic molecules, and to present the experimental methodologies and techniques.

In the first part of the course a quantum mechanical treatment of atomic and molecular systems is derived. After a review of Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics, the basis of Molecular Physics and Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with molecular systems will be given.

The second part will cover steady state spectroscopy and time resolved spectroscopy, with an emphasis on ultrafast processes in molecular and biomolecular systems. It deal with vibrational, electronic and coherent spectroscopy. Optionally photoelectron, Auger, X-ray spectroscopic methods can be discussed.