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Carbon Cycle

Course description

The cycle of carbon and related elements is an important component of the Earth System. The man-made increase of atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases causes global warming and a detailed quantitative understanding of the carbon cycle-climate system is required for climate projections.

This course offers an introduction to the basic concepts of the carbon cycle. Linkages between the carbon cycle and the physical climate system will be discussed. Variations in carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide on time scales from seasons to 100,000 of years will be addressed. A focus of the lecture is on processes and mechanisms governing the exchange of carbon and other biogeochemical elements within the Earth System and the evolution of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. In addition to the lectures, problem sets and discussions offer the opportunity to solve quantitative problems and understand applications.

The lecture is designed for students of physics, natural sciences, and of the Climate Master programme. Knowledge of basic calculus is required. The lectures will be given in English.