Advanced Methods in X-Ray Imaging: From X-Ray Physics to Biomedical Applications

Datum 13.04.2022
Zeit16:15 Uhr
Ort Online
Meeting-ID: 661 4337 7745
Kenncode: 630103
Referent Prof. Julia Herzen (TU München)
Abstract Since the discovery of X-rays in 1895, the X-ray imaging has been an indispensable technique in diagnostic and industrial imaging. While the machines constantly improved over time, the way the contrast is generated has not changed over one century – only the attenuation of X-rays has been used as a contrast mechanism. Over the last two decades, phase-contrast X-ray imaging has been developed using the refraction of X-rays to generate the contrast. This kind of imaging has been demonstrated to provide superior soft-tissue contrast in comparison to conventional attenuation-based X-ray imaging. However, quantitative imaging of biomedical soft tissue at high spatial resolution and high image quality still remains challenging - both at brilliant synchrotron radiation sources and laboratory setups. We focus our research on method development for quantitative phase-contrast imaging at highly-brilliant and polychromatic X-ray sources, addressing the very special challenges of these techniques. Here, the potential of quantitative imaging will be reviewed by highlighting the recent results on biomedical and material-science applications.