Electrodynamic Coupling across Astronomy

Datum 26.04.2023
Zeit16:15 Uhr
Ort ExWi B6
Referent Prof. Philip Judge (High Altitude Obs. NCAR)
Abstract The condensation of matter shortly after the Big Bang and the inexorable effects of gravity have determined the Universe we see today and far back in time. Less well known are the accompanying magnetic fields which, because of the rarity or complete absence of magnetic monopoles, pervade the visible matter. Stars, galaxies, planets, black holes are threaded by magnetic fields, primordial or regenerated, often exhibiting spectacular behavior, or, in the case of humanity, of increasing interest in our technologically-dependent society. This talk will introduce the physics behind electrodynamic coupling, using the Sun as our nearest, brightest and best "laboratory" for understanding how gravitationally bound astronomical objects are accompanied by a broad range of phenomena such as dynamos, flares, jets, plasma heating and bursts of high energy radiation. The opportunities for new research in this area continue to grow, with the advent of radically new facilities in spacecraft orbiting close to the Sun and the new Daniel K. Inouye solar telescope operational now in Hawaii.